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Mcdonalds Arch Card – Is it Really Worth it? [Review]

A lot of companies offer gift cards to their customers during their promotions. These Gift Cards can be redeemed any time during in the promotion period. McDonald’s took this one step further by introducing Mcdonalds Arch Card.

Arch Card is no different than any other McDonalds Gift Cards or gift cards that other companies are offering.

But, it is packed with some additional advantages that other promotional cards might not offer.

In this post, We will tell you our review on the arch card and tell you if its really worth it.

So let’s Get started.

You can Get the Arch card for FREE by entering the Mcdonalds Arch Card Instant Win Game during their promotional period which ends in December 2018!

What Is McDonalds Arch Card?

According to McDonald’s, It is a simple way to say thanks to its customers for being loyal to the Fast-Food chain. It is loaded with $5, $10, $25 and $50 that you can redeem at any time.

You just have to show the card at the cash counter and buy anything under the amount of your card.

It’s good if you want to get your hands on Fries without paying cash every now and then.

Mcdonalds Arch Card is similar to any other Gift card but with no Expiry Dates! That’s right. If you buy an arch card once it will never expire.

This really makes it different from other and more convenient that you can reload the card whenever you want.

McDonald’s Claim About the Arch Card

Mcdonalds claims that the arch card is a perfect gift for your loved ones on their anniversary.


Who gives a $50 Arch card on an anniversary? But maybe that is just for creating a hype because I personally won’t be happy with a $50 gift card even on my birthday!

But anyway!

It’s a really good offer otherwise.

How to reload Your Arch Gift Card?

Reloading the Mcdonalds arch card is easy. There are three simple ways you push credit back in your card in seconds.

1- Visit your Nearest McDonald’s restaurant

You can simply take your arch card to any of the McDonald’s near you and ask the staff to reload with your desired amount. Keeping in mind that the amount can not exceed the Card limit.

2- Reload it yourself Online

You can reload your card balance yourself by visiting the McDonalds Official Website. You have to enter the Card Number mentioned on your Arch Card along with the BSN.

Regular Visa Card can be used tp transfer funds to Mcdonalds Arch Card. Or even PayPal.

Note: If you are doing it yourself, make sure to keep the transaction receipts safe with you in case the card is not credited. You can use them later for card replacement.

3- Reload with a call to Customer Support

Mcdonalds is one of the Largest brands in the world and it really knows how to handle its customers. You can simply call the Mcdonald’s Customer support and ask them to re-credit your card. They will ask you for some information and your card will be ready to be used again.

McDonald’s Arch Card Balance

To check if you have leftover credit in your account you can simply Login to the official website of the restaurant and enter your Card Number. you will be shown with the current balance in your Mcdonalds Arch Card.

What are Other Ways to get Food from McDonald’s Without Paying Cash

If you don’t want to buy the Card and keep it loaded all the time there is another way you can get free food from McDonald’s without even paying a dime!

Yes, That is true! Not even a single Penney!

A lot of large-scale companies perform this activity on regular basis to maintain their quality standards.

And the best way they could come up with is to ask their customers for feedback. The feedback is taken in form of an online survey and in return, you get to have coupons for free food. Along with that you also make yourself eligible to enter the company’s Sweepstakes which sometimes up to $5000 Cash.

You can take this opportunity with McDonald’s by taking the Mcdvoice online Survey.

The good thing about the McDonald’s survey is that you can enter yourself every day for a new coupon.

More surveys you take more free food you get!

5 Minutes of your time in taking the survey for free food is not a bad deal! 😉

Better then the Mcdonalds Arch Card I guess.