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Every60Seconds – Win Xbox one X

Every60Sseconds is giving their fans a chance to win an exclusive Xbox one X by collecting codes on their marketed products including Mtn Dew Game Fuel Tropical Smash, New Mtn Game Fuel arctic Burst, and Fan Favorite Doritos Snacks.

If you are a basketball fan, then the World Collide MTN Dew and Doritos Instant win game are giving away Game tickets and Xbox. 

How Every60seconds works?

Here I’ll show you how it works

  • Purchase specially marketed Mtn Dew and Doritos products to collect codes
  • Back from 25 September, every participant can enter his codes at Every60Seconds.com to start banking points. and from 23 October, every code will give you an entry in the sweepstake to get a chance to win an Xbox One X.
  • From November 6 – December 15, participants can use their banked points to bid for a chance to win an Xbox One X and other exciting prizes. Remember that auction will begin at 9 am sharp.

Last year Doritos had a huge presence at E3 before they get into the gaming community. According to Senior Director, Marketing Mr. Ryan Matiyow,

We highly encourage our fans and customers to stay tuned for more news on gaming events where they can compete and get a chance to win Xbox One X.

The codes for auction will be available on new Mtn Dew products and Doritos snacks.

Mountain Dew is introducing two new flavors, Tropical Smash, and Arctic Burst. These are the new limited edition flavors and their imagery is representing for upcoming middle earth games Forza Motorsport7 and Shadow of War.

Mountain Dew and Doritos are partners since 2007 and now they are coming up with a next level gaming. Both the brands collaborated in 2013 for the auction of Box One and it generated over 8 million bids from customers. Earlier this year again Dew has launched the second season of Mountain Dew League, giving the competitors a chance to become pro.

Why it is so amazing?

Well, in my opinion, it is a marketing strategy by Mountain Dew and Doritos to build their loyal customers and increasing their sale. plus that they are creating their PR and of course they are not letting down their customers. They are awarding them Xbox One X and other super cool prizes. Seriously Great job! Thumbs up!!

Perfect Marketing Plan

Every60Seconds is a super good marketing plan created by Mountain Dew and Doritos with the collaboration of Xbox.

They teamed up to create PR, increase sale and build their loyal customers. Every60Seconds has created a hype in youth.

Whenever I talk to my friends they are like did you participated in Every60Seconds and I reply Ofcouse man why not to take part in it? It’s basically a 2-way benefit game.

We are working for them in promoting their brand and in return they are giving us exciting prices. Hurry up guys and take part in Every60Seconds before its too late 😀

About Mountain Dew

Mountain dew is the product of PepsiCo and it is the no 1 flavored carbonated soft drink. For more information visit the website.

About Doritos

Doritos strongly believes that there is boldness in everyone. We champion those who believe in themselves and are ready to accept challenges and boldly take actions outside their comfort zone. Doritos is one of the brands who make Frito-Lays North America. For more information visit http://www.fritolay.com/.