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Burger King Gift Card – Details You need to know & Balance Check

Burger King Gift Card is an incredible way to reward both, the employees and the clients of the burger king restaurant.

This burger king gift card is used just like a simple credit card. Once you have this gift card, you can pay your bills in the burger king restaurant by using this gift card instead of money.

If you want to know more about this amazing burger king gift card, then this post is for you!

About Burger King gift card – eGift Cards and Crown Card

Be the King of your world by Burger King Gift Card.

Burger King honors its employees and customers in a simple way by introducing Burger King Gift Cards for them. Also called as Burger King Crown card.

The range of credit in the burger king gift card is $5 to $500. And the good news is, it is RELOADABLE. You don’t have to buy this gift card again and again. You can reload it when your credit ends just like you can in the mcdonald’s arch card.

Moreover, these gift cards are redeemable any time, at any participating Burger King location.


Isn’t it great that you can have Food without paying cash every time? You can just use the Burger King gift card to buy anything you want from their restaurant.

And there’s a plus point for this gift card.

Card Expiry Date

It differs from other gift cards in a way that it never expires. Yes! It has no expiry dates. Also, it has no dormancy fee (i.e. no inactivity fee of the gift card, unlike other credit cards).

So yeah, you all must have the Burger King gift card, especially if you are a foodie! 😉

A Perfect Gift For Loved Ones

Burger King declares their gift cards as a great gift for your loved ones for any occasion.

Occasions can be like birthdays, anniversaries or other parties.

Gift it to any of your foodie relatives and it will make them more than happy.

How to get Burger King gift card?

It is not at all difficult to get the burger king crown gift card.

You can easily purchase it online from the official website of Burger King.


You can choose your suitable card limit that ranges from $5 to $500. And can reload too at times.

What if you want Burger King Gift Cards in a bulk?

If you need burger king gift cards in a bulk for business needs or for fundraising and other reasons, you can order them easily.

  • You can visit this site to order
  • Choose the burger king gift cards.
  • Select for the denomination of $5 to $500.
  • These gift cards are redeemable at any burger king location.
  • There is no expiration dates or dormancy fee.
  • You can earn a discount on volume purchases.
  • Minimum order requirement is $1000 for a bulk of cards.

The procedure of ordering a single gift card or gift cards in a bulk is exactly the same.

How to check the Burger King gift card balance?

You can check the leftover credit in your Burger King gift card. There are a number of ways to check the burger king gift card balance. They are stated as follows:

  • 1. Check burger king gift card balance Online 

The most simple and easiest way is to check the balance online, anytime, anywhere.

All you have to do is go to the Burger King site at bk.com/crowncard.

Enter the information that is required and get to know your balance in no time.

  • 2. Check burger king gift card balance on Call

You can also check the Burger King gift card balance by calling them.

Contact them on this number (866) 394-2493.

Provide them the answers to their questions and they will tell you your gift card balance.

  • 3. Check burger king gift card balance directly from the restaurant

Another way is to check your burger king gift card balance directly from the Burger King location.

You can visit any nearest burger king restaurant and ask the cashier to tell you your gift card balance.

Burger King eGift Card Account login

For the convenience of the customers, Burger King has also introduced an option of gift card account login.

If you want to have an account, you will have to register yourself first through the following link:

The procedure is very precise. You just have to enter your basic demographic details to get yourself registered.

After making the account, you will realize the benefits of having the burger king gift card account.

Why Create Burger King eGift Card account?

Burger King eGift Card account is very useful because the Crown Card:

  • Allows you to view card balance.
  • Allows you to view card reload history.
  • Can auto-reload card on low credit.
  • Can auto-reload card on schedule.


Burger King is a chain of fast food restaurants found all over the world. Right after McDonald’s, there comes Burger King, the second largest hamburger chain in the whole world.

Burger King is present at almost 13000 locations throughout the world and they serve around 11 million people each day.

Their most famous food item is Whoppers, since 1957. But now they have a much more in their menu.

As Burger King ensures to satisfy your cravings, they have also introduced multiple deals and a value menu for your ease. These meals have items starting from $1.

Other ways to Get FREE Food from BURGER KING

If you don’t want the Burger King Gift Card and still want Food without paying cash, then we have another way as well.

This can be done by doing online surveys.

Yes! Just doing a survey can get you free food.

Many companies offer these surveys to get feedback from their customers to improve their qualities and services. In return, you get coupons for free food.

You can go for the Burger King free food by taking the myBKexperience Free Whopper Survey.

One person can make 1 entry per day.

And more entries will lead you to more FREE food.

So yeah, this is possible. Without spending a single penny on buying food or credit card from Burger King, you can still have free food.

All you will have to do is, invest some of your minutes and get a one-time meal totally free.

Burger King contact details

For further queries, you can contact the customer service number.